What are Your Teams Strength? Should We Work on Their Strengths or Weaknesses?

What are the strengths and weaknesses that you have and what are the strengths and weaknesses your teams have - and how do you try to shape them?

First let’s define what is a strength. Is a strength something that you’re good at? Do you have to enjoy what you are good at? What if you’re really good at something but you hate doing it? For example, what if you’re really great at sales, but just do not enjoy doing that activity - is that a strength or is that a weakness?

In the example above I would suggest if it sucks your energy it is a weakness - even if you are good at it.

We tend to get the best out of people - particularly in a corporate environment and from the teams that we work with - by trying to improve their weaknesses. The trouble with the strategy is twofold:

1 - the way we communicate how we would like them to improve is often not practical or perceived well. We tend to use the terms such as “I would do it this way” or, “this might work better for you.” In reality, how do we know what is going to work better for someone else.

2 -  secondly, no one likes receiving negative or constructive feedback. I mean, do you?

Maybe a more productive way to get the best from teams is to totally ignore their weaknesses, from an individual point, but to examine and work on their strengths. If we can take someone who’s already good at something and make them exceptionally great at something, now that could really make a big difference in your organization.

How can you lead your team to turn their strength into something truly amazing?

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