What is it Like to Work with a Business Coach? [Video]

Curious about what it is like to work with a business coach? Emo Alaeddin, the owner of Granted Records, was kind enough to share his experience.

Emo Alaeddin: How's it going? My name is Emo Alaeddin and I own Granted Records here in Santa Ana, California. I'm doing this quick video as a testimonial to my buddy Nick Leighton. He is with TAB, which is a business coaching program that really focuses on smaller business owners like myself that really want to make a name, in our industries. And boy, Oh boy, did he come through. We really wanted to focus on an increase in sales -- and an increase in profits of course, -- but also getting a better balance between work life and family life. And he's been instrumental in that. He helped us uncover what our goals are. But, in addition to what our actual goals are, he even gave us an insight into ourselves as business owners, how we tick, right? Which really helps us navigate through the jungle of, achieving those goals that we set out.

Emo Alaeddin: But, implementing what he taught us was really instrumental. He had some great, great systems that he recommended, some CRMs that we still use till this day, and even some drip marketing ideas that have really helped to bring us to where we needed to be. We set a goal of $12,000 in six months per, per month. And we reached that goal. Honestly, I did not believe it was possible, but I'm a believer now. I'm a believer in Nick, I'm a believer in the TAB program, because his programs are dynamic. So, even though we have finished our first phase, with the successful merger, we're now looking into our next phase of purchasing a facility. And it was because of the guidance of Nick Leighton who just actually walked through the door. So, here we have Nick Leighton from TAB here at Granted Records.

Emo Alaeddin: And I just wanted to thank you personally. When we started with this whole thing, it was a little more than a dream because I had just actually bought the place. But I had no clue what I was doing. So you were the first person that I approached and with all the business coaches I know in the network of professionals that I know you were the first and only person I talked to and I'm so glad that it was because you came through and you really brought this place to a complete success. It's a success story in an industry that is riddled with stories of failure.

Nick Leighton: But it was fun. It was so much fun! That was like the best thing. That's why I love working with people like you, oh my God, you achieved so much. We changed offices, we brought in great new people, we found new customers, we found processes and it's just been a ball.

Emo Alaeddin: It really has been. And just like he said, we're now staffed with two techs and an admin, so we're helping to, you know, feed families as well. So, thanks for that guidance. Business owners, any of you guys who are looking to just work less but make more or if you love working, so you want to even make more money, whatever your goals are, you need to sit with Nick and find out if you are going down that right path. Because if you're not, he's the person to steer you in that right direction.

Nick Leighton: So I got one last question for you. Share with everyone. What's your champagne moment?

Emo Alaeddin: My champagne moment is to be the go-to recording studio for all record labels - major and independent.

Nick Leighton: That's cool. It's going to happen.

Emo Alaeddin: I believe that one man.

Nick Leighton: Love it.