The Smart Way To Grow Your Business

EO Interviewer: We talked about how you help business owners grow their businesses the smart way and not the hard way. So, how do business - how can - in a nutshell - how can businesses grow their business in a smart way?

Nick Leighton:  Well, I think when you're an EO, one of the great things that you can look around your peers and you can see people who have had success the smart way, so definitely learn from that, but I think if you went and surveyed everyone and you got to know the people who you would consider to be successful, who did it the smart way, I think you'd find some common elements and I think part of that is that these people who are successful - they have identified how to work on the business, not in the business on a regular basis. So, that's something to take away. So, how do we do that? Because business owners are very passionate, but they're also not very good at maybe letting go, because we learned as an entrepreneur - we have to do everything. So we do everything. We can do everything and let's face it, we can do it better than anyone else.

EO Interviewer: Right. Okay.

Nick Leighton:  So that's the mindset we got to get over that. How do we get all the people as part of the team to do things? Right? Okay. So to do that, there are really three elements we need.

EO Interviewer: Okay.

Nick Leighton:  We need processes because that's how we get people around us to do things in a consistent manner to the levels and the standards that we want. So, the processes are really important.

Secondly, we need to keep people accountable.

EO Interviewer: Okay.

Nick Leighton:  We can't let go of anything because we love controlling. We're control freaks. But if we have accountability in place, then we know our team are doing the right things, so that's great.

The last element is we have to motivate our teams.

So, processes and accountability and motivation. That will allow us to step out of the business day-to-day. We can work on the business, not in the business. That's the smart way. That's how you make more money and you're happier while you're doing it right.