The Power of Written Strategies

EO Interviewer:  So why is it so important for business owners to physically write out their strategies and what can they benefit from sharing their goals with someone else?

Nick Leighton:  Awesome question. Okay, so if you don't write it down, it doesn't happen. That's the saying. And it really is true. It's easily forgotten. So, things have got to be front of mind. So writing it out really achieved that. Now there's all kinds of psychological stats about if you share goals with other people that you're reinforcing it with yourself. So, I think there's probably some psychology involved right there, which is why we should share them. But more importantly than anything else, you want to be held accountable to your goals and to what you say you're going to be doing - both the strategies and your tactics. So that's often why we go to a forum setting because we're being held accountable. That's why people work with coaches because again, they are held accountable. And Accountability is a funny thing for business owners because your family doesn't really hold you accountable. Your employees can hold you accountable and you're probably talking about things we which are confidential. So, you can't use people from your competitors or people in your industry even - you don't want them to know. So that's why we can use the EO network that we have. We're working with business coaches do exactly that.