How to Identify Your Champagne Moment [Video}

Nick Leighton: Then the question is how do we identify champagne? There’s a bit of a process to that. The first thing you want to do is really identify what your long-term vision is. That's your personal vision and your business vision. What's important there.

Once we know what your long-term it's, let's look and see how you've performed over the last year. What were your successes and what did you learn? What's the lessons learned from the last year.

And we probably want to do a little look at the finances. How do we perform against goals and what financial goals or business goals are we going to set for the future right now?

Once we have got that in place, what are the critical success factors to achieving your goals in the next year? That's going to give you some pretty good insight.

Then there's three areas that I like everyone to look at. I want to find out what do you want to achieve personally in the next year. Secondly, pull out your bucket list, find out what you want to get done in your whole life. And the third area is what gives you freedom away from your business.

If you can identify all those areas your Champagne Moment is going to be shouting out to you. You're going to know what it is going to be.

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