Setting Up The Alternative Board Membership

We are super excited that we will be working together. Seriously excited!

We can do this old-school with paper, or electronically - whichever you feel the most comfortable with.

Let us give you some direction:

Part 1 - We have some important information to protect you:

  • Non Disclosure Agreement - showing that everything we discuss in coaching and board meetings is confidential. link

  • Performance Guarantee - that states, if after 3-months, you don’t see value in TAB, we’ll refund your membership fees. NO questions asked. link

Please download and sign these documents - and bring them to our first coaching/board meeting.

Part 2 - Applying for membership:

The actual membership application is two forms:

  • Member Application Form - this is a blank copy, and we’re more than happy to complete this for you and to send you a copy to sign. link

  • Credit Card Authorization - to set up monthly payments. If you prefer to pay by EFT just let us know and we can arrange that instead. link

Please download, sign and return these documents so we can process your membership.

Part 3 - Other background information:

Some other information, just in case you are interested:

  • Testimonials - what other members are saying about working with us. link

  • Frequently Asked Questions - you’ve probably already asked them, but just in case we missed anything. link

  • Nick’s Biography - to give you some background of Nick’s experiences. lin

Get ready to:

  1. work hard

  2. be held accountable

  3. achieve great things for yourself and your business

  4. have fun!

Nick Leighton-white wall horizontal.jpg