The Alternative Board Performance Guarantee

Yes, we are very confident that our 25+ years proven system can bring you fast results. So confident that we guarantee it.

The Alternative Board, founded in 1990, brings together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities with a combination of peer advice and business coaching. Board members meet monthly to learn from one another's successes and mistakes in order to grow their businesses to the next level. Business owners also create more valuable and profitable companies with scheduled strategic business coaching sessions focused on business and personal growth.

The Alternative Board offers a 90-day performance guarantee. Within the first 90 days of membership, you will actively participate, be engaged in, and successfully complete four key obligations, which are listed below. At the end of 90 days and the successful completion of these four key areas, if you believe you have received no value from the TAB process, and wish to cancel your membership, The Alternative Board and your facilitator will refund one hundred percent (100%) of your paid investment, which is three months dues and your Business Assessment Fee.

Please read and understand what is required:

  1. I will attend and fully participate in three board meetings.
  2. I will attend and fully participate in a minimum of three private coaching sessions.
  3. I will complete the TAB Business Vantage® assessment by the first coaching session.
  4. I will complete my Personal Vision Statement.
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